My name is Paul, from the USA. I'm a 26 year old guy.

I just came back to Baduk after 2 year hiatus. It seems like I have lost a few stones strength, now playing around 3-4k. Reading and overall strategy still the same, but joseki and fuseki suffered a lot! I usually play on KGS, but sometimes I play on IGS or WBaduk because its a lot easier to find a game there.

In life I am a student going for an advanced degree. I also work full time as a scientist in automotive safety systems.

I'm currently working on an artistic go board - I hope to complete by this winter. The objective is to make it cheap enough for most anyone to build.

Oh, I should say that I'm @djujk on twitter, posting about baduk mostly.

Thanks for the site Hajin! When I stopped playing before resources like this did not really exist - pros making go communities without trying to make money off of them. These sorts of developments brought me back into the game!