Hi everyone.   My name is Ben Mantle, a 20 year-old Baduk player from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  You can call me Alakazam, or Ala I suppose ^^

Hello Hajin Lee, I already conversed with you a little on Facebook ^^  Your KGS lectures are great.  I read almost all of your Baduk news stories last night while exploring this great site.

I'm a 5 Dan player from Canada, played Go for three and a half years.  Around 4 Dan in Europe or Korea, and 6 Dan in Japan.
My KGS is RamenBoya, my Online-go is zeldabaduk, my Baduk.pro is zelda, my WBaduk is Hylian.

I have dreamed of becoming a professional Baduk player since I was a double-digit Kyu player, and that dream lives on.  I traveled to Korea to study at King's Baduk Education Centre for five months, and returned home last Xmas.  I had planned to return quickly, but KBC closed.  Now I'm studying hard at home.

Nice to meet everyone.  I hope if Hajin or anyone has news of affordable Go schools in Asia, they'll let me know.