This is the power of Lee Sedol, the strongest player!

Korean team takes back the trophy of the Nongsim Cup for the first time without Lee Changho 9P's help, by Lee Sedol 9P's invincible performance. Lee Sedol, who waited a long time to play at the Nongsim Cup, absolutely satisfied the Korean fans' expectation by defeating Chang Hao 9P and Gu Li 9P in a row.

As Gu Li 9P said "I was so stupid not to manage to win this game." at the post game analysis, it was definitely Gu Li's favor in the first half of the game. However Lee Sedol started to make the game complicated by playing strong and complex moves and Gu Li made a few mistakes under the countdown. When the game got reversed after the upper side's fight, it was too late for Gu Li to 
re-reverse the game.

The last round of the 10th Nongsim Cup World Baduk Team Championship has been played during February 17~19 in Shanghai, China. 





Photos from Cyberoro