[The 9th Cheongkwanjang Cup World Female Baduk Championship]

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The tickets for the dream stage of all female professional players, the Ceongkwanjang Cup World Female Baduk Championship, have all found their glorious owners on November 5th. The lucky “Korean Amazons” are; Park Ji-eun 9P, who received the special pass for brining the winning trophy to the Korean team last year, Lee Ha-jin 3P (Solbridge International School of Business BBA1), Park Ji-yeon 2P, Moon Do-won 2P, and Kim Mi-ri 1P.

Lee Ha-jin 3P has defeated Lee Ji-hyun 4P by resignation after 180 moves, and grasped her 4th ticket of the competition. She also played in the Korean team at the 5~7th Cheongkwanjang Cup.

Meantime, Moon Do-won 2P defeated Ha Ho-jeong 3P by resignation after 208 moves, and Kim Mi-ri 1P defeated Kim Hye-lim 1P by 4.5 points after 250 moves. Both players will be playing for the first time as representative of Korea.

One day earlier, on November 4th, Park Ji-yeon 2P defeated Yoon Ji-hee 3P by a half point after 280 moves, which gave her the first qualification for the Cheongkwanjang Cup. Park 2P is also first time to play in the Korean team.

The Cheongkwanjang Cup is a team competition between Korea, China and Japan. Each team chooses 5 representative players. A player who wins continues to play opponents from the other two countries alternating between them. Subsequently, the team that has the final survivor wins the competition. In the previous competition, Park Ji-eun 9P of Korea has defeated Li He 2P, the last player of the Chinese team, and brought the title to the Korean team.

The 9th Cheongkwanjang Cup is sponsored by Korea Ginseng Corporation, and held by Baduk TV and Cyberoro. The first round of the main competition will take place in coming January, in China.


Lee Ha-jin 3P (left), and Lee Ji-hyun 4P (right)


Lee Ha-jin 3P


Park Ji-yeon 2P


Moon Do-won 2P


Kim Mi-ri 1P

Pictures from Korea Baduk Association (www.baduk.or.kr) and Cyberoro (www.cyberoro.com)