The 14th LG Cup preliminary
2009, April 15
W: Hu Yaoyu     B: Lee Hajin
White won by resignation


When black approaches and didn't extend, W12 to 16 are frequently played moves for attacking Black's one stone.
B15 is important because W14 will get settled easily in sente if white approaches to the upper right corner.
B17 is more speedy and lighter than one space jump.
White may play a diagonal move from W10, instead of W18.
B19, 21 are utilizing moves for strengthening black's shape.   
From W22 to W28 is natural sequence.
W32 is unavoidable choice because black's connection will be too thick.
With B35 the fight begins. The surrounding is favorable for black.


Black should have played at W42 before 41.
Yet, because white has two weak groups in the center, Black has the initiative.
W60 is to prevent black's 63 and a tiger mouth, which is really big.
B73 is a light way to stabilize black's two stones.


If black didn't play at b83, white would play at b85 which is unbearable for black.
Black thought the big group is alive with b93 and 95, but it was misreading.
Black should have played at w98 instead of b93.
By W104, black's group is captured and the game is over.