The 14th Female Kuksu Title (2nd of best of three)
2009. 3. 9
B: Lee Hajin     W: Rui Naiwei
White won by resignation


B15 is studied. 
B17,19 are following combination.
W24 seems slow. 
Up to B25, the opening is favourable for B. 
B27,29 are severe, and W is in trouble now. 
B35 is a big mistake. B should have played at 40, then B would give W hard time. 
W40 is good and the game becomes close.
W48,50 are sensible.


B51 is questionable, B should have played at 52. 
Since W58, W takes the initiative of the game.
W68,70 are keen, and up to W74, W takes the read of the game.
B85 is slack, reinforcing upper right corner is the biggest point to play. 
W92,94 are good combination.


B141 is resisting, but doesn't work with W144.
At W150, the game is actually over.