Hello everyone a few minutes ago i joined the StarBaduk-Community and i would like to introduce myself :3
Although i learnt english for some years, my language might be a little bit poor, but i hope you'll be able to understand everything.

My Name is Jonas, I'm a 21-years-old male from Germany.
At the moment I'm doing my apprenticeship as an IT-management assistent in a middle sized company.

In my freetime i like to read books, go swimming, of course playing some video games, listening to music, reading/watching anime/manga and spending some relaxing time with good friends.

My first contact with baduk was 9 month ago, while i discovered a strange yet interesting manga named Hikaru no Go (you all might know it).
Well what should i say, i swallowed the complete Anime in one week and read the manga afterwards. Some Days later I joined the KGS-Badukserver and serveral weeks after I visited the local go club (there are only 4-5 members emoticon ).
I started to visit the Club regulary and participated in some german go tournaments. Up until now i made it to 5 (wannabe-4) Kyu (Gup?) and the game is still fun emoticon - Although I recognize that the "stronger" I become, the more I understand that I understand nothing about Baduk. Sometimes this can be very depressive, but normally I see it like a challenge emoticon 

I like to laugh a lot and see the brighter side of life, besides that there are rumours about I'm beeing very lazy....
Maybe I'll attach a photo later.

wuah such a long wall of text, i hope you all didnt fall asleep or got bored.
At last I would like to say 'Hi' to everyone, I hope well get along nicely and thanks to Haijin for sharing her thoughts, feelings and daily life with us.

(To call the game baduk is still a little bit unfamilar to me, although I recently read a english go book by Yoon Youngsun, so please be gentle if I sometimes write japanese terms ^_^)