Database compilers often have to scour many newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and internet sites to find the records they seek. Even then they never find them all, some are never published in print or on the internet, and if there are differences in the records from different sources, it is often impossible to be certain which version of the record is correct.

This gives rise to the question, how can these problems be solved? What is the best way to reform the system? It has improved somewhat with the increase in availability of records on the internet, especially since many games are now broadcast live. My idea is for a central database of all professional games to be created that would serve as the ultimate authority and eliminate these issues. Since recorders input many games to the servers live, they could simply input them to the database instead, which would then automatically relay the top boards to the servers. 

Obviously I am aware that this would be rather difficult to achieve, due to copyright issues and difficulty in getting the professional organizations to agree on a plan. I would like to know your thoughts, and whether or not you think the idea is feasible.