The 16th Gahgrin Cup Female Kuksu, best 16

2010. 9. 15

White: Lee Hajin 3P       Black: Cho Hyeyeon 8P

Black won by 2.5 points


W8 is an unusual move. Either C10 or K16 is predictable. Because I was playing a match after about 1.5 months' break, I felt like playing as I like it, not as I know it. 
W14 is the right direction. Answering on R3 calls Black's R9, which erases white's potential on the upper side.
B19 is a good move. Although joseki is to play on S6, the result of the joseki would be better for white. Theoretically white should play on R3 instead of W20, but black's Q9, white R10, black's P11 seems too good in this case. 
It's playable opening for both sides up to W22.
B23 is a typical reducing move. W24 is a bit aggressive. This move is seeing the miai of R14 and Q15 depending on black's move. 
B33 looks slow, but thick and good place. 
W40 is a very big and important move. Without this move, black's invasion would be severe.
B41 is better to be on D10.


W58 is to prevent black's invasion. 
B59 and W60 is miai, and B61 is inevitable because black's big group in upper right corner is not yet alive. 
With W74, white is ahead. 
White's territory: right corner 20 + upper side 15 + left side 5 + lower side 8 = About 48 + Komi
Black's territory: upper left corner 10 + lower left corner 15 + right corner 6 + upper right corner 3 = About 35.
B75 is a good move. If white blocks on L2, black M3, white M4, black L4 will be followed, and black makes thickness in sente. Then white's group will be in danger. 
B85, 89 are both sente.
black should have peeped on N4 before B95. White's lower side is alive with W96.
White 100 is a probing move before playing on G7.


W104 is a big mistake. Just playing on either A10 or C12 was proper. Yet, the game is still in white's favor after W112. 
B113 is a big place, and W114 is to get sente. Otherwise black can cut on B6 and make Ko. 
W136 is the losing move. I was being chased by countdown, and wasn't sure if it was OK to just answer on K12. But very soon I realized that W36 brought many ajis in the center. As a result, I got gote here. White was still winning if white played on K12 and made some territory in the center.


From W116 to W166, white gained almost nothing white black captured one stone and got sente. Considering black had three weak groups with W116, the result is bad for white. Consequently the game is reversed, too. Then I tried hard to catch up during the endgame, but it didn't work.

I omitted after B215, for I thought the rest of them is meaningless.

I used to be sick in morning before important matches, especially Insei league. Although there were Insei league games almost every Saturday and Sunday, no single game wasn't quite important. I felt huge pressure, and hated playing Insei games. Yet, as soon as I became a professional player, the 'sickness-before-match disappeared as if it had never existed.

In the morning I played this game, I was very sick. The sickness reminded me of those days when I was only studying Baduk. At the time, doing or studying something else was forbidden for me. These days, however, I am studying in a college. I also couldn't believe that it had been already 6 years since I became a professional player.

Time limit was 3 hours and 60 seconds 5 times countdown. I spent a lot in the early and middle stage (partly thanks to the sickness), and started countdown at around W116. What happened next is as you saw in the aforementioned game. Though I felt quite depressed, the feeling wasn't as bad as it used to be. I am proud to be a professional player, but I don't think I am professional-tournament-type.