The 15th Gahgrin Cup Female Kuksu, best 16

2009. 9. 16

White: Lee Hajin 3P       Black: Cho Mikyung 1P

White won by 2.5 points


From B5 to B17 is frequently played opening.
White may play at B35 instead of W18, but it is a little slow.
W22 is territory oriented.
Though B23 could be loss in terms of territory, it's a thicker choice.
To W34, it's expectable sequence.
B35 is a vital point.
Up to W40, white has more terriotory, but black's thickness and potential is greater.
B41,45 are nice moves, which enlarge black's moyo in the center.
W48, 50 avoid being surrounded.


B53 seems submissive, but proper in this situation as black's big group on the left side is weak. 
W54 is sente.
B57 is thick. It eliminates white's ajis.
From W58 to B69 is natural sequence.
W70, 72 are aiming at the weakness of black's territory on the upper side.
W82 is premature. White should have played somewhere on the lower side.
W84~94 is big, but B95 is bigger.


Up to B111, black takes profits here. Consequently, black is leading the game.
B115, 117 are safe and thick.
W126 is a big place.
B135 is more efficient way to connect. 
W136 is thin, but inevitable since white is behind.
B139 is too slow.
W140 is the biggest on the board.
B141 is a slack move. Black should have played at the center.
W142, 146 are agreeable.


With W160, white makes some points in the center.
Because black took nothing while white made territory in the center, white reversed the game.
By W186, the game is actually over.